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The motivation and goals of our team

Packwise is a young company based in Dresden, Germany, which has set itself the goal of simplifying the processes involved in the reconditioning of combination IBCs, steel IBCs, plastic and steel drums. The core competence of the team lies in the combination of comprehensive knowledge in the field of industrial packaging with the latest IT solutions.

Felix Weger
Product Management

Ina Behr

Lars von Schweppenburg

Gesche Weger

René Bernhardt
Product Development

Packwise IBC Collection Ticket

Packwise Marketplace was developed to connect dispensers of industrial packaging and reconditioners. Both parties are supported by the Packwise IBC Collection Ticket in all relevant processes.

Providers are guaranteed fast and predictable collection and fair pricing for their emptied packaging. At the same time, Packwise Marketplace gives reconditioners direct and central access to the market and creates clear framework conditions.

Our focus

The focus of the team is always on the greatest possible user friendliness.

Packwise focuses on the maximum reduction of the customer’s workload, promoting the optimal use of resources in terms of sustainability and enabling a more efficient circular economy with savings in CO2 emissions.

Packwise IBC Life Cycle Management

Packwise IBC Life Cycle Management enables its customers to collect and reuse their own IBCs when this is economically advantageous.

Packwise IBC Life Cycle Management takes over the entire organization of the processes and automatically checks on a case-by-case basis whether a return is preferable to selling the emptied packaging or not. Depending on the results of this check, the sale of the used packaging or the reconditioning and collection is commissioned.

Packwise’s high degree of automation reduces the organizational effort to such an extent that even small and medium-sized companies are able to use IBCs cost-effectively in closed cycles.


Packwise IBC Life Cycle Management Light

Packwise IBC Life Cycle Management Light helps companies that supply their customers with IBCs to find the optimal buyer for the emptied IBCs. This makes sense, for example, if the return of IBCs over long distances becomes uneconomical, or remanufactured IBCs may not be used. As soon as the IBCs have been emptied and are ready for collection, the customer notifies Packwise of the collection. Packwise then organizes the sale and fast collection. The owner of the packaging receives the profit from the sale and their customers enjoy a reduced workload and a scheduled collection.