„Quadratur des Recycling-Kreises“ (Squaring the recycling circle) – aus CHEManager

In its issue 15-16/2018 (article als PDF), the trade journal of the chemical industry CHEManager takes up the topic of reusing IBCs and drums in intelligent packaging cycles. Packwise’s independent trading platform, which links the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries with partners for reprocessing and logistics and thus creates a transparent market for all market participants, is the focus.

The aim of the article is to eliminate the information deficit and the lack of awareness of problems in the purchase and sale of IBCs and drums. The advantages of the automated, intelligent recycling economy in terms of reduction of administrative effort, efficiency, preservation of value of emptied transport packaging and conservation of resources will be demonstrated.

The article about Packwise was published in the print and online edition of CHEManager.

Print version of article (PDF)