Packwise with new team image

Packwise is the independent expert in intelligent packaging circuits for IBCs and drums in the process industry.
Since April of this year, the team in Dresden has been complemented by the three founders (Gesche Weger in the management, Felix Weger in product development and René Bernhardt in IT development), Lars von Schweppenburg and Ina Behr.

Lars von Schweppenburg heads Packwise’s sales department and brings his extensive experience in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries as well as in the field of reconditioning, which he gained at a leading manufacturer of industrial containers.

Ina Behr is responsible for marketing for Packwise. She brings in expertise from the international B2B environment of a leading manufacturer of building materials and as a lecturer for sales and marketing.

Together, the team will intensify market development and advise on the benefits and implementation of intelligent packaging cycles in companies in the process industry.