Packwise IBC Life Cycle Management

Smart IBC Management

You deliver your products in IBC?

Then Packwise IBC Life Cycle Management could be the solution for you.

Let us do the work for you!

Packwise IBC Life Cycle Management takes care of the collection of your IBCs from your customers‘ premises and returns them to you reconditioned – only if our case-by-case review shows that a collection is financially viable for you. You reduce the initial cost of your IBC, which can also benefit your customers. Above all, you don’t have to spend any extra time and the entire organisation of the processes is taken over by Packwise.


Your benefits:

  • Control and transparency
    Everything is documented and remains traceable at all times.
  • Work is made easier for you
    Packwise takes care of the entire coordination.
  • Sustainability
    Reduce your CO2 footprint with Packwise.
  • Cost reduction
    Reduce the cost of your IBCs.
  • Your customers benefit
    Fast and easy collection and handling.

Packwise IBC Life Cycle Management Light

You cannot use reconditioned IBC?

Can the packaging you use be reconditioned for you only at greater expense and do they have a higher added value for other parties? Let Packwise organise the sale of your packaging.

Your customers want to get their emptied packaging collected.



Your customers simply register them with Packwise for collection.



These are auctioned via the Packwise auction mechanism.