Packwise IBC Marketplace

The independent online marketplace for your emptied IBCs

What Packwise IBC Marketplace offers you

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Simple quotation

Specify your IBCs and drums with just a few clicks, define the collection period and start the collection process.

Planning reliability & control

You determine the collection date and can set a minimum price as well as an immediate purchase price.

Quick overview of offers

Comprehensive search functions and our notification service help you to find relevant offers.

Uncomplicated organization

Whether by telephone, mail or fax, you determine the communication and the general conditions of the collection.

Simple, transparent conditions.

No monthly fee

For sellers

Customer Service:
Successful sale:
10% vom Verkaufserlös

For buyers

Customer Service:
Bidding and buying:

The Packwise IBC Collection Ticket features

Easy specification of your packaging

 In 30 sec. to a complete description of the IBC & drums.

Use templates

Why fill out the same forms every time you submit a form? Use the templates to start a new auction in seconds.

Minimum price

Make sure you do not sell your IBCs and drums below value.

Immediate purchase price

Speed is your priority? With the immediate purchase price, you benefit from short-decided buyers.

Determine collection period

You determine in advance by when the IBCs and drums are to be collected.

Comprehensive document management

Automatically generate the relevant documents you need for your daily hazardous goods practice.

Instant notifications

Concentrate on your daily business and we will inform you about relevant facts. You will be notified immediately of new offers or expiring auctions.

Product filter

Only show items that match your search criteria. Filter by manufacturer, IBC or drum, volume, UN-approval, pallet type, etc.

Location-based product search

Are you planning a collection and want to reload your truck? Use the proximity search to display offers in the direct area.

Determine communication

You decide whether the buyer contacts you by phone, email or fax.


Keep an eye on all relevant offers.

One process for all packaging

No matter if IBC or drum, you handle the collection of different articles in one process.

Auction assistant

Enter your maximum bid and the auction assistant will do the work and ensure you the best result.

Central organisation of various locations

Organize the collection of several production sites from your office.