Packwise as one of the 100 fastest growing start ups in Germany

100 fasted growing Start Ups

Glassdollar, the „data engine“ for start ups and investors, has published a ranking of the fastest growing start ups in Germany.

Packwise is one of them!

Glassdollar helps Start Ups find investors by connecting them with investors willing to finance. Based on parameters such as location, industry and start-up phase, it automatically displays all investors who might be interested in your company. An overview shows the average financing amount of a venture capital firm and which investments it has already made in similar Start Ups. In contrast to comparable offers, Glassdollar goes even further afterwards and supports the start-up in establishing contact.

To ensure that VC’s also benefit from this, an impressive amount of data is collected about the potential start ups, which can be used to decide whether they fit into the business context and which of them are the most promising.

With the Top 100 ranking Glassdollar wants to contribute to make German fundraising a little bit more fair.

The basis for the ranking is provided by start up databases and the commercial register. Every month, data from social networks or web traffic is collected and updated in order to be able to make a reasonable assessment of the growth of a company based on its development.


You will find the complete ranking list here.