LVT Lebensmittel Industrie 2019 1-2 presents reference customers Zentis

Under the heading „Zentis raises the ecological and economic potential from the container management of its plastic IBCs“, the leading industry magazine of the food industry presented the Packwise IBC Life Cycle Management in a detailed article.

Zentis Logistik Service is quoted as follows:
„Sustainable and ecological management is a top priority for Zentis. This does not only begin with the production of our products, but also with the storage and transport of our raw materials, such as liquid sugar, lecithin or aromas. Zentis obtains these in so-called IBC containers, which are ideally suited for storage in a fully automatic high-bay warehouse due to their standardized and stable design. „Packwise meets our requirements and offers the ideal solution in terms of sustainability, as a cluster system allows multiple use of the IBC containers instead of directly replacing the plastic bubble with a completely new one. The downgrading and the resulting multiple use of the plastic bladder saves raw materials, energy and labour, both in transport and reconditioning. A procedure that convinces Zentis all along the line“.
Read the full article here: LVT Lebensmittel Industrie, 64. Jahrgang Februar 2019 1-2