„Logistik heute“ about packaging trends of the future

„Logistik heute“, the logistics magazine for decision-makers in industry, trade and services, presents in its current issue solutions that meet the requirements of a new generation of clever and efficient packaging.

The current trends in this industry, digitalization and sustainability, determine the direction: whether intelligent networking, recycled packaging or resource-saving recycling management – topics that are not only in focus for the packaging itself, but also, or even more importantly, for packaging logistics.

The logistical challenges and inefficiency of industrial companies in their packaging processes became apparent to Packwise quite some time ago.

Packwise’s goal was to develop a forward-looking industrial solution that would increase the efficiency of companies while saving resources.

With the Packwise Smart Cap, a plug-and-play device specially developed for tracking and tracing IBCs, not only can the loss rate of containers be reduced and logistics planning be facilitated through greater supply chain transparency; the environment is also protected through CO2 savings.

Packwise is thus responding to the call for smart and digital innovations as packaging technology continues to evolve.

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