Keynote by Packwise founder Gesche Weger at the launch event of the IQ Innovation Award 2021

On November 25, the IQ Innovation Award 2021 was launched at a digital kick-off event.

The live event focused on the keynote speech by Packwise founder and CEO Gesche Weger, the current winner of the IQ Innovation Award in the Information Technology Cluster. In her presentation, she reported on the company’s own innovation processes and focused on the possibilities offered by the trend towards digital supply chain management 4.0. She then answered questions from the virtual audience in a live chat.

Under the following link, the presentation (in German, from approx. minute 10) as well as the subsequent discussion can be viewed:

Until March 15, 2021, founders/start ups, (young) entrepreneurs, students and scientists with their innovative products, processes or services in the five focal sectors Automotive, Life Sciences, Chemistry/Plastics, Energy/Environment/Solar Industry and Information Technology can apply for the cluster innovation competition of the Central German Metropolitan Region.

More information on the application process can be found here.