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What Packwise Marketplace offers you

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Simple quotation

Specify your IBCs and drums with just a few clicks, define the collection period and start the collection process.

Planning reliability & control

You determine the collection date and can set a minimum price as well as an immediate purchase price.

Quick overview of offers

Comprehensive search functions and our notification service help you to find relevant offers.

Uncomplicated organization

Whether by telephone, mail or fax, you determine the communication and the general conditions of the collection.

What is important to us

Protection of your indentity
Indication of identity-related data (such as address and company name) only after order and only to your trading partner

Clear framework
What is collected, when, under what conditions and in what condition?

Work reduction for you
No price negotiations, reduced communication time, automated documentation and easy logistics coordination

Quick overview of all relevant offers in your area via filter functions

Quick contact to us
We look forward to hearing from you!

Your advantages at a glance

for emptyers

Removal of your IBCs and drums with just a few clicks

Collection of different product types in just one process

Fast clearance of your stock area

Fairer price for your emptied packaging

Legally compliant documentation

for reconditioners

Direct and central market access

Filter functions enable targeted searches for specific IBCs and drums

Only a few mouse clicks to your successful offer through automatic notifications

No offers missed

Legally compliant documentation

for fillers

Support your customers in the collection of IBCs and drums and increase their satisfaction.

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We would be pleased to help you organise your industrial packaging in cycles.

More about Packwise IBC Life Cycle Management

Simple, transparent conditions.

No monthly fee

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10% of sales revenue

For sellers

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Get to know the team

Packwise is a young company based in Dresden, Germany, which has set itself the goal of simplifying the processes involved in the re-use of industrial packaging.

About our team

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