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IBC Monitoring with Packwise Smart Cap

Get full control of your IBC fleet and benefit from unprecedented visibility.

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filling level

high-precision level management


exact local


alarm in case of vibration and misalignment


motion-controlled transmission intervals


determination of  ambient temperature

"Our goal is to increase the efficiency of your company with a forward-looking industrial solution and to save resources at the same time - from the very first day."

Gesche Weger - CEO Packwise GmbH

Packwise Smart Cap

Fits on all IBC types

Remove protective foil

Attach it to the IBC

That’s it!

Your advantages at a glance

Warehouse & Logistics

  • reduction of administrative effort
  • minimization of IBC loss rate
  • optimized route and warehouse planning


  • knowledge of the customer’s product inventory:
    • foresighted production planning
    • automated ordering processes


  • automated re-ordering
  • pay-per-use
  • supplier-controlled stock or consignment stock


  • transport of equal quantities with fewer containers:
    • reduction of IBC fleet
    • reduction of current assets

Quality Management

  • automated damage notification
  • theft protection by digital alarm
  • best-before date surveillance
  • avoidance of cross-contamination


  • significant reduction of carbon footprint:
    • shortened cycles and maximum utilization of packaging capacity
    • efficiency gains in logistics and production

Get to know the team

Packwise is a young company based in Dresden, Germany, with the goal to optimize the usage of your IBC and thereby reduce your carbon footprint.

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