„Gefahrgut Profi“ for intelligent recycling management for transport packaging

The last issue of the year 6/2018 of Gefahrgut Profi from TÜV Media Verlag contains a technical article by Dr. Monika Kaßmann of WGGT Dresden with the title „Disposal networking – through sustainability and digitalization to an intelligent recycling economy“ (read here as PDF). The article explains the reuse of IBC transport containers in efficient cycles using the Packwise cloud platform and online marketplace.

„Companies in the chemical industry and chemical wholesalers are often pioneers when it comes to rethinking processes and procedures within the company and making them more sustainable. Digitization is one of the keys to building intelligent cycles that balance economic and ecological advantages, which ultimately benefits all partners. Particularly in the field of transport packaging, this leads to substantial benefits for the environment on the one hand and to greater efficiency for companies in the chemical industry on the other. The hazardous goods industry can also benefit from this“. (Dr. Kaßmann, Dangerous Goods Professional 6/2018)