Chemie³: Packwise at the sustainability initiative of German chemistry

Industry representatives from the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors were invited by the VCI, IG BCE and BAVC to the Humboldt Carré in Berlin-Mitte on June 14, 2018. The discussion event of Chemie³, the sustainability initiative of the German chemical industry, focused on the topic: Chemistry digital – management and work in the future.

Packwise‘ contribution to the Dialog Forum: Chemistry 4.0 – Digitalization as an accelerator for more sustainability? was: „Through digital networking to the intelligent cycle of industrial packaging“. Lars von Schweppenburg from the Packwise management team presented.

During the event we were able to pick up valuable impulses and hold interesting conversations. We would like to thank you for the exchange on the multifaceted topic of sustainability in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.



Here you can find more information about the sustainability initiative of the German chemical industry: